Redskin fullback Bob Brunet was reported to be "doing great" at a Dallas hospital yesterday in his recovery from contusions of the spinal cord. Brunet, however, will be hospitalized until Monday morning as a precautionary measure, Redskin trainer Bubba Tyer said.

"I talked to him today and he's doing great," Tyer said. "We're making travel arrangements to bring him home. He was up walking around today. There's no more tingling in his shoulder.

"He's just feeling super. He's happy as hell it turned out the way it has."

Brunet was injured in Sunday's game against the Cowboys. He caught a knee in the helmet in the first quarter and was temporarily paralyzed. He regained full movement of his arms and legs at Baylor University Medical Center and x-rays for a suspected cervical fracture were negative.

Tyer said Brunet would remain in the hospital over the weekend to make sure there is no aggravation to the spinal cord.

Brunet, an eight-year veteran who is a leader of the Redskin special teams, was placed on the injured-reserve list and his place on the roster was filled by Eddie Moss, whom the Redskins had cut late in the preseason