If eight victories by American Football Conference champions in the last nine Super Bowls are not sufficiently convincing of the edge held by the junior circuit over the National conference, how about the fact that in interconference play so far this season the AFC stands 8-0?

One reason for the dominance is that the thinking of AFC clubs is more current than that of the older division. Oakland, Denver, New England, Miami, and Houston are all exponents of the 3-4 defense, while Tampa Bay and Philadelphia are the only NFC units to employ it.

Another factor is the greater mobility of the AFC quarterbacks. A factor here is that the AFC quarterbacks are younger than the NFC starters, averaging 28.4 years to 30.4.

A look at this weekend's games:

N.Y. Giants (2-3) at Washington (3-2) - Redskins in terrible physical shape, most of the injuries on the offensive unit. But Giants have been unsuccessful moving the ball since upsetting Redskins the first week. Washington by 10.

Greenbay (1-4) at Tampa Bay (0-5) - Another chance for the Buccaneers to move out of the maiden ranks. Green Bay by 4.

Denver (5-0) at Cincinnati (2-3 - Bengals are in trouble against the AFC's top defense if Ken Anderson can't go. Denvery by 1.

Dallas (5-0) at Philadelphia (2-3) - Eagles rise or fall on Ron Jaworski's arm; the Dallas pass rush will have him running for cover. Dallas by 11.

Cleveland (3-2) at Buffalo (1-4) - Greg Pruitt will lead Brown's speed bridgade. Cleveland by 6.

Houston (3-2) at Pittsburgh (3-2) - Steelers out to avenge 27-10 setback at Houston. Pittsburgh by 10.

Seattle (1-4) at Miami (4-1) - Dolphin running game improving, to complement explosive passing attack. Miami by 17.

Oakland (4-1) at N.Y. Jets (2-3) - Raiders smarting from the Denver loss. Oakland by 13.

New Orleans (1-4) at St. Louis (2-3) - Both clubs struggling, with Saints losing top three wide receivers and Cardinals not getting much of a ground game. St. Louis by 10.

Atlanta (3-2) at Chicago (2-3) - If Scott Hunter does not move the Falcons, Steve Bartowski is sufficiently healed to take over. Walter Payton will have his fourth straight 100-yard game. Chicago by 6.

Baltimore (5-0) at New England (3-2) - Although Bert Jones has a bagful of miracles, the Colt QB faces an excellent secondary. New England by 3.

Kansas City (0-5) at San Diego (3-2) - Chargers' defense has been one of the season's surprises. San Diego by 10.

Detroit (3-2) at San Francisco (0-5) - 49ers resemble an expansionist team at times. Detroit by 3.

Minnesota (4-1) at Los Angeles (3-2), Monday night - Jack Reynolds, Rams' spiritual and defensive leader, comes back just in time. Los Angeles by 3.