Bowie goalkeeper Jamie Coyle waited for a chance to redeem himself yesterday after making a crucial mistake against Crossland's soccer team.

Coyle was called for kicking a Crossland player with 12 minutes to play and Bowie sitting on a comfortable 3-1 lead in a match of Prince George's County AA League unbeatens.

The resulting penalty led to a two-goal Crossland surge in the next 30 seconds that tied the game and sent it through 20 minutes of scoreless sudden death.

Bowie then gained a 3-1 edge in a best-of-five penalty-kick shootoff, and Coyle insured the decision with a sparkling save on Crossland's fourth kick to give the Bulldogs a 4-3 decision at Bowie.

Bowie raised its record to 8-0, all in league games, while Crossland fell to 7-1, and 6-1 in the conference. The top two teams in thestandings qualify for the playoffs.

Coyle maintained he had raised his leg legally to protect himself from a charging Jess Atkinson. However, he admitted, "It woke them up. If we had lost, they would have blamed it on me."

Coyle said the key to defending against penalty kicks was as much intimidation as skill. "On a penalty kick, I don't care how good a keeper you are, you just pick a side and go (dive)," he said. "I was moving around and I made them lose their concentration."

Bill Karlson, Bill Stackhouse and Jeff Thompson converted Bowie's first three overtime penalty kicks, the first two caroming off goalkeeper Carl Baden's hand into the righ corner of the net.

But after the Cavaliers' Mo Goldfarb lined Crossland's first attempt into the net, Doug Jones and David Hean, possibly bothered by Coyle's casual, almost clownish arm swinging and jumping before their shots, kicked their tries wide left.

Coyle's sprawling stop to his left on Mark Snidero's scorcher assured the Bowie win.

Crossland scored first in regulation, six minutes into the contest, as Jay Wilcox made a long throw-in to Snidero, who headed the ball into the right side of the net from five yards out.

Bowie tied the game at the mid-point of the 40-minute first half, as Karlson threw a ball in from 30 yards up the sideline, directly onto the head of Steve Green, who flicked the ball in past a charging baden.

With 90 seconds left until intermission, centerback Jim Phelps cleared a loose ball with a 50-yard boot. Karlson outraced defender Paul Clifford to the ball, dribbled in toward the right post, and rifled a 15-yard shot into the left side of the net.

Karlson, whose younger brother, Dave, was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with a dislcoated or fractured jaw after a midair collision with Cavalier Kevin Powers, set up Bowie's third goal with a picture pass.

He took the ball down the right wing and fired a pass to Green, who had plenty of time to stop the ball and rifle an eight-yard shot for his second goal of the game and 16th of the season, with 14 minutes to play.

But 30 seconds after Goldfarb converted Crossland's penalty kick, Wilcox threw in a ball that glanced off a Bowie head to Goldfarb, who sent home a 10-yard shot into the left of the net.