The following is an except of a recent CBSV interview of former Cleveland Browns all- [WORD ILLEGIBLE] fullback Jim Brown by Phyllis George.

GEORGE: You retired at the peak of your [WORD ILLEGIBLE] eer. Do you have any regrets about that?

BROWN: Well, I've never looked back, so when I quit I was happy, I had nine good [WORD ILLEGIBLE] ars, I did all the things I wanted to do. I [WORD ILLEGIBLE] into movies, I started talking to pretty girls, I have a nice life-style to look back on football, and to hope to be back would be ri [WORD ILLEGIBLE].

GEORGE: Joan Ryan wrote an article about [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and O.J. Simpson indicating there was me rivalry between the two of you.

BROWN: Because he would lose.And he thew he would lose, because the only thing he knew he could probably win would be the print. It's really interesting that in Buffalo, they decided before the season started, that they wanted O.J. to break my records, instead of deciding they wanted to win the championship.

I don't think any team in the National Foot- [WORD ILLEGIBLE] League should ever start a season not thinking, as a priority, winning the championship, because it's a team sport. When we layed with Paul Brown in Cleveland, there were never talks of records. There was talk of championships. So I can never get into that particular kind of conversation, because I lived in another era, you know.

I don't live in the modern era where you talk of records and you do all of the things to hype the products and develop the image so the American public will go. I think it's great for the general public, but I don't think it's very good for the true football fans.

GEORGE: What about the new players such as Tony Dorsett?

BROWN: Tony Dorsett. I don't know. I only hope that Tom Landry would stop being the plantation owner and realize that they're doing a commercial thing now. Tony Dorsett has been paid a lot of money, he's a superstar, try him out - let him go. Let him have his cockiness. That's what makes him great. Don't use the old style of coaching where the coach is always the boss - calling the plays, and ruling the roost.

And one other point: The true superstars now are not O.J. and Namath and people like that. They're (the TV) people, because television has taken over. I mean you are the star. I mean the game has now been geared to the television industry. So, consequently, my respect for the game is not on the same level.That's not to put down, it's an observation, see. You see, Lynn Swann is a friend of mine, for example. Lynn has become a tremendous television personlity. He's a great football player, one of the greatest in history. But yet, I can see him in the middle of a game, making faces at the camera, talking to the guys in the booth, and I cannot understand his concentration. It must be something now, because I could never do that. It would split my concentration,therefore, my performance would suifer.