"That's a horse with a lot of animation . . . lots of charisma," said a veteran of many Washington International Horse shows as Barbary entered the ring at Capital Centre yesterday afternoon, "I bet he wins it all."

The bet was good as the striking 4-year-old stallion won the Arabian Park Horse class and carried off the huge gold King Falsal Perpetual Trophy to his Bridgeport, Conn., stable.

Barbary was one of three Arabians from its stable to win awards at the show yesterday, giving owner Nichols De Longpre an almost unprecedented hat trick in the hotly contested Arabian division.

Orlando and Epika joined Barbary as De Longpre winners. Orlando taking the Arabian Western Pleasure championship and Epika winning both the senior and grand Arabian more tricolors.

All three were last-minute entries in the 19th edition of the prestigious show, but the sudden trip and immediate competition seemed to have little affect on the trio.

Joan duPont of Bluemont, Va., came up with a big winner among the Appaloosa entries for the second year in a row. Both last year and again yesterday, her Spiderman II won ribbons in its division. The 7-year-old gelding gain the Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Championship yesterday, nosing out Delta's Cat Beau. Lu and Billy's Warrior for the award.

Paula Helm's King Fleetwood was marked up as the best of a strong field of Western Stock horses during a close afternoon class. The 5-year-old bay gelding, which shows out of Vienna, Va., defeated another Virginia entry, Kathy Morgan's Ruby from Charlottesville, for the tricolor.

The Inverness Farm Challenge Trophy, one of the major trophies of the 14 to be offered this week in the international-open jumping competition, will highlight the afternoon program today. For the first time in the 19-year-history of the show, international jumping will be a part of the daytime program, except for Wednesday.

The $1,000 Accumulator Class will top the evening program, which opens at 7:30 p.m. Also scheduled during the evening session will be the colorful Crabbet Stud of England Championship Trophy for the winner of the Arabian Park Horse Class. The regular working hunters will make their first appearances of the 1977 show, the first prize of the night being the Second Marlborough Hunt Club Challenge Trophy.

Both of the international-open classes will give show followers a chance to see the young West Germans in action in this country for the first time. With Olympic gold medal winner Alwin Schockemochle out of competition with a bad back the task has fallen to a group of young riders the team's veterinarian. Peter Tilk horn, calls the "Olympic champions of 1930."

"Hendrik Schulze-Siehoff is very good," said Tilkhorn, "especially based on his wins in the grand prix at Rome and at Weisbaden.

"Of course Lutz Merkel is good, strong very consistent."

Merkel is the 40-year-old veteran of the team who was here with the winning 1970 West German team. He won the qualifying round of the Europeans championships in Germany this summer.

According to Tilkhorn, the entire group of horses brought over by the Germans are young in competition, but good. He singled out Sarto, a 7-year gelding which Schulze-Sichoff rode in his two major victories, calling him a "sure winner of the future."