If England weren't such a small country, Ted and Elizabeth Edgar would probably have astronomical telephone bills and a marriage slightly strained from their being apart sometimes three or four days a week for 52 weeks a year.

But no such problems arise for the husband and wife who are competing for the first time together on the British team in the Washington International Horse Show at Capital Centre this week.

The reason is, they say, Sunday nights.

"Liz usually goes one way on the horse show circuit and I go the other. Sometimes we go together, but this is the first time we've been on the same team," said Ted Edgar. "So we always make sure we go home on Sunday nights."

Their Sunday nights at their farm in Warwickshire, England, are more than just a chance to get together if they have been off to the usual two shows weekly in England. "It's also a chance to get some clean clothes and a hom-cooked meal," Ted Edgar said.

"England is small enough that you can go up or down it in three or four hours at the most, so we're never that far away."

"We don't have any difficulties," said Elizabeth Edgar. "We work it in quite well. This sort of thing (competing in the U.S. championship circuit) is an exception."

If there is going to be a strain, said her husband, "(It's) going to come in a few years. We've got a little baby who is 6 years old and is mad about horses. She wants to start competing.

"She would like to have come to this, but we left her home with her nanny. She made me promise to bring her home a cowboy hat, a cowboy saddle and chaps."

It is not surprising she would have equestrian competition in her veins, being the daughter of England's professional and amateur champions.

Elizabeth Edgar whose brother, David Broome, is a former world champion, won the Queen Elizabeth II Gold Cup during this year's Royal International Horse Show at Wembly, riding Everest Wallaby. She won the amateur championship at Cardiff on the same horse.

Ted Edgar, who used to ride a pony to school until he dropped out at age 13 to help on the family's farm. Won the professional championship at Cardiff atop Everest Amigo.

It was an honor he liked, except for one thing. Since the government declared him a professional, he said, "I have to pay income taxs because of the shape of things in England."

Ted Edgar, 44, and Liz Edgar, 34, met on the horse show circuit and married 12 years ago in a ceremony attended, aside from friends, by Liz Edgar's favorite mare, Bess.

"There's always been horses in our lives, you know," he said. "There's a saying in England that there's a cure for diphtheria or flu, but nothing for the love of horses."