What happens when the punter turns hunter?

If bad luck runs in cycles, Redskin kicker Mike Bragg had his turn last week. Sunday, came the deplorable loss to the Giants, which is what you call your bad day at work.

But Monday is the Redskins' day off, win or lose, and Bragg thought he'd forget his troubles with a day of goose hunting on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He got there at 3 a.m. armed with the grandpa's old L.C. Smith, was in the blind before dawn and sat there all day, dipping snuff and listening to guide Jim Crumley toot away on a goose call.

The geese came and the geese went. They dipped down twice to look over the field Bragg and Crumley were hidden in and both times they sensed danger and flared off. The geese never got close enough and the punter never fired a shot.

It makes for a long day - 12 hours in an underground goose blind - and double long for Bragg, who after 10 years in the National Football League still can't sleep the night after a game.

But Bragg is a serious hunter, not a dilettante. Along about noon, other hunters and guides in his party got restless and started making lunch noises. They decided to take break.

"Hey, Mike, you hungry?" asked one.

"Yeah, I'm hungry," replied the hunter. "Hungry for goose." Bragg stayed put.