The Big Eight race for the Orange Bowl is a tight one again, with Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa State in contention. But Oklahoma have its hands full Saturday against Oklahoma State at Stillwater. The Sooner's objective: to stop the Cowboys' inside running game. Terry Miller, meet Reggie Kinlaw, the Sooners' nose guard.

Kinlan repected knee surgery to correct ligament damage early in the year and has been sensational ever since, Oklahoma by 13.

Nebraska will have tough sledding against Missouri, which has a vastly improved offense since quarterback Pete Woods returned from the injured list, Nebraska by 6.

Iowa State's Dexter Green gained 173 yards last week against a solid Oklahoma defense. Saturday, he will challenge Colorado, whose defense is without its best linebacker, Tom Perry, Iowa State by 3.


Maryland 24 over Villanova, Navy 3 over Syracuse, Brown and Dartmouth even. Michigan 37 over Northwestern, Minnesotat and Michigan State even, Penn State 8 over North Carolina State. Pittsburgh 14 over West Virginia, Yale 6 over Princeton. Duke 8 over Wake Forest, Florida State 10 over Virginia Tech., Notre Dame 17 over Georgia Tech. Harvard and Pennsylvania even.

Tennessee 6 over Memphis State, North Carolina 6 over Clemson, Columbia 1 over Cornell, Wisconsin 1 over Purdue, Florida 3 over Georgia, Ohio State 24 over Illinois. Southern Methodist 20 over Rice, Iowa 3 over Indiana, Kansas 7 over Kansas State. Kentucky 15 over Vanderbilt, Auburn 3 over Mississippi State.

Army 2 over Air Force Texas Tech 24 over Texas Christian. Texas 13 over Houston, Brigham Young 24 over Utah. California 5 over Washington. UCLA 20 over Oregon, Southern California 12 over Stanford, Washington State 7 over Oregon State. Miami (Fla.) 8 over Tulane, Arkansas 12 over Baylor, Alabama 7 over Louisiana State, Arizona 12 over Colorado State. Arizona State 13 over Wyoming.

An early look at this weekend's NFL schedule:

New England 17 over Buffalo, Philadelphia 4 over New Orleans, Cleveland 4 over Cincinnati, Miami 3 over N.Y. Jets, Dallas 13 over N.Y. Giants, Atlanta 4 over San Francisco, San Diego 4 over Detroit. Houston and Chicago even. Kansas City 3 over Green Bay. Minnesota 5 over St. Louis. Oakland 21 over Seattle, Los Angeles 23 over Tampa Bay. Pittsburg 1 over Denver, Baltimore 11 over Washington (Monday).