Of all the ailing NFL franchises where George might jump now that he and the Redskins have yet to finalize a contract for next season, keep the Detroit Lions at the top of the list.

How serious is Allen about moving?

"He's been trolling for more than a year," said one NFL insider who makes it his business to follow such matters. Other people have been making calls around the league letting everywhere know he's available.

Why Detroit?

For a pragmatist such as Michigan native Allen, there are two major reasons: of all the frustrated teams in the league, the Lions are the closest to bing good, tre one that would need the least amount of tinkering to become a playoff contender.

Also, they are in a division that seems ripe for a quick-heal artist such as Allen to win. The Vikings simply are not dominant and will be especially vulnerable if Fran Tarkenton decides to retire after next season. And the Bears might become stagnant if their quarterbacking does not improve.

The Lions offered a hint of their desperation after last season by trying to lure Chuck Knox from the Los Angeles Rams. When that plot failed, they gave interim coach Tommy Hudspath a three year contract.

Two reasons why coaches do not like to look back: After last season, Jerry Caliborne was being wooed by Texas to replace Darrell Royal. He said no. This season Maryland is struggling and unbeaten Texas leads both wire-service polls.

The other reason is named Willie Wilson. That gifted halfback, perhaps the finest high-school runner in the country in 1974, signed a football grant-in-aid at Maryland, but opted for pro baseball before enrolling.

"He's the fastest man in baseball right now - and may well stick with us this year (as an outfielder)," said Kansas City Royals manager Whitey Herzog. "It all depends on his bat."

Coach F. A. Dry of TCU has lost nearly everything but his sense of humor. After a 51-0 loss to Southern Cal, Dry was asked if he was impressed by the Trojans' size.

"Are they big?" Dry said. "They stand up, they see Denver."

Freddy Morkle of Lanham writes: "Not to defend any particular pro football quarterback, but why not institute an official scoring system, as in baseball for hits and errors, whereby a professional pass catcher is charged with an error when an obviously catchable pass is dropped?"

Comment: The Redskins would lead creation this year.

Earsore: "Can anything be done to eliminate or at least restrict TV sports commentators?" writes G. M. Van Pool of Kensington. "Did you ever REALLY listen to what they say? If so, have you been impressed with the utter triviality of it all. Have you heard such meaningless chatter? Have you ever been so bored? Can you do something?

Comment: Like you, I often turn off the sound - and hope one day somebody will telecast a game with nothing more than graphics (down and distance, balls and strikes, fouls, etc.) and the action. Really, what more do you need?