Neil Bonnett cut under Richard Petty with five laps to go out and kept his Dodge in front the rest of the way for a dramatic in the $165,000 Los Angeles Times 500 Grand National stock-car race.

National champion Cale two-car length victory today Yarborough was five lengths back in third.

It was the first super-speedway victory of Bonnetyear Grand National career. It was his first race at the 2.5 mile Ontario Motor Speedway.

Bonnett had a lead of more than eight seconds over Petty with 11 laps remaining when Benny Parsons spun out and Yarborough swerved off the rack to avoid him. That brought on a brief caution period during which Petty took on fresh tires.

Bonnett did not make a service stop, electing instead to protect his lead.

When the green light went on again, Petty used his better traction advantage to reel in Bonnett and pass him going into the third turn, six laps from the end.

But Bonnett lined Petty's Dodge back up in his sights and re-passed a half-lap later.

On the final lap, Petty again made a bid going into turn three, pulling up on Bonnett's rear bumper. He moved out to try and over-take Bonnett on the outside, smoking his tires badly as he fought for traction. But Bonnett held his line and carried his slimmargin the final quarter-mile to victory.