Out of the mouth of basic thinker Terry Bradshaw came some chew-tobacco-stained words for George Allen to live by for the rest of this week as the Redskins prepare to play Dallas at RFK Stadium Sunday.

An uncomplicated fellow, who has won two Super Bowls calling his own plays, Bradshaw said after the Pittsburg Steelers defeated the Cowboys, who had the No. 1 defense in the entire National Football League, "We though that if we could just run the ball on Dallas we could win."

Bradshaw confessed, "Dallas is a very complicated team to play. It's the toughest kind of learning when we are going to play the Cowboys. I had to massage my brain near the end of the week, I saw so many of their plays so many times on film.

"They use that flex defense (with some players on the line of scrimmage and some a bit back). Sometimes they go through with it; sometimes they show it to you, but don't follow through with it. Luckily, we ate it up and later went to wide plays and pitchout stuff.

"You can't take chances against the Cowboys (referring to trying only 12 passes, five in the second half, and completing seven overall). I had a lot of pass formations called but had to come out of them because of their defenses. I'd rather run the ball than end up on my butt (from being sacked)."

Run the ball the Steelers did, with Franco Harris accounting for 179 of 228 yards, including a touchdown run of 61 yards.

The Steelers' previous problem had been their schedule. They were playing the last of the four teams who had 8-1 records before Sunday's games.

They lost to the other tehre - to Oakland, Denver and Baltimore - but now face the New York Jets (2-8), Seattle (3-7), Cincinnati (5-5) and San Diego (5-5).

After their second straight loss, some of the Cowboys were changing their lines about the rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals having become more acrimonious than the one with the Redskons, as cornerback Aaron Kyle said following a run-in with Mel Gray in the loss to the Cardinals.

Linebacker coach Jerry Tubbs of the Cowboys tried to commiserate with crestfallen linebacker D. D. Lewis and said, "Now we've got to get the Redskins next week."

Linebacker Tom Henderson was more assertive. "We're going to overcome this (slump against St. Louis and Pittburg) as of right now. We've got to concentrate on the Redskins right now. We just played two great teams (St. Louis and Pittsburg) and got whipped.

"You can count on me for quotes, can's you? What I said before our last game with the Redskins ended up on their bulletin board (but the Redskins still lost the game in Dallas, 34-16).

"The atmosphere in Washington is right for a great game. We're still going to win our division - easily."

It might have been a winning coach's graciousness, but coach Don Corywell said after beating the Cowboys," I think they have one of the greatest teams of all time. They had a 14-3 halftime lead and I think they came out a little flat in the second half."

Coach Tom Landry said in Pittsburg, "We got so far ahead (with an 8-0 record), we lost the competitive instinct. We've got to get it going again."