The Washington Capitals are trying to deal center Walt McKechnie, currently sentenced to the team's doghouse. If a trade proves impossible however. McKechie will report to the Capitals' farm club in Hershey, Pa.

"We're still negotiating with another club," said Washington general manager Max McNab.

If McKechnie goes to Hershey, there is no telling who he will find wearing Bear uniforms. The Capitals' performance in last night's game with Atlanta figured to determine the future address of several players. The Capitals play games in Boston tonight (WDCA-TV-20 at 7.30) and Toronto Saturday, and travel plans werevariable.

"We have a number of options open," said McNab.

Because of the injury to right wing Bill Riley and the return of defenseman Rick Green, the Capitals went into last night's encounter with 10 forwards and seven defensemen. Although Hershey, down to four defensemen, would like the excess backliner, it is in no position to supply another forward from its barebones list of nine. The Bears have been decimated by previous Capital recalls of Nelson Burton, Mark Lofthouse and Dough Gibson.

Several players at Port Huron, Mich., were subject ot promotion to Hershey in the event Washington should grab the Bears' Eddy Godin or Tony White. Among the Flags under consideration were Gary Rissling, Brian Kinsella and Paul Nicholson.

While the Capitals entered last night's home game winless in 13 straight, the Bruins carried a seven-game unbeaten streak into Buffalo.

Despite that surge, a lengthy early season road trio contributed to the favored Bruins' sharing second place in the Adams Division, four points behind Buffalo.