With the Redskins playing in Buffalo Sunday, this may be the week that Redskin coach George Allen has trouble psyching up his team.

However, the Bills don't have enough quality players and they are coming off a punishing Monday night in Oakland, Washington by 7.

Elsewhere in the National Football League: Chicago (6-5) at Tampa Bay (0-11) - The Buccaneers have a way of putting the clamps on star running backs, so Walter Payton may not break any more records. Chicago by 14.

San Francisco (5-6) at Minnesota (7-4) - Jim Plunkett has been erratic, and the Minnesota weather will be a factor Minnesota by 7.

New England (7-4) at Atlanta (6-5) - Steve Bartkowski is ineffectiveness, is leaving the tremendous Atlanta defense frustrated. New England by 5 (up from 4).

St. Louis (7-4) at N.Y. Giants (4-7) - The Cardinals need a win in the wildcard race. St. Louis by 10.

Seattle (3-8) at Pittsburgh (7-4) - Terry Bradshaw is back on target. Pittsburgh by 21.

Cincinnati (6-5) at Kansas City (2-9) - Kenny Anderson will throw at the Chiefs' corners. Cincinnati by 8 (down from 9).

Denver (10-1) at Houston (6-5) - The Broncos will have to be careful at Astrodome, where Oilers are at their toughest. Denver by 3.

Detroit (5-6) at Green Bay (2-9) - The Lions rate an edge with their active linebacking corps. Detroit by 1 (down from 2).

Philadelphia (3-8) at Dallas (9-2) - The Eagles' defense is tremendously improved, but if overworked it will tire against Dallas. Dallas by 13.

Cleveland (6-5) at San Diego (6-5) - The Chargers are on the upswing thanks to inspired defensive play and the return of quarterback Dan Fouts. San Diego by 4 (up from 3).

N.Y. Jets (2-9) at New Orleans (3-8) - The Saints' Chuck Muncie and Tony Galbreath running well. The Jets' quarterback. Richard Todd is still shaky from knee injury. New Orleans by 3.

Oakland (9-2) at Los Angeles (8-3) - The Super Bowl preview? Oakland by 3 (up from 1).

Baltimore (9-2) at Miami (8-3) (Monday night) - Dolphin lineman Vern den Herder and safety Charlie Babbs will be out, which means the Bert Jones-Raymond Chester combination will score. Baltimore by 2.