When are the Washington area fans going to get wise to George (Crybaby) Allen? After losing another "crucial game" because of the lack of any semblance of a ground game, he tries to blame the loss on the use of unethical conduct by Dallas.

George has always been known as a sore loser, but it's obvious his preoccupation with winning has blinded him to certain facts of life in the National Football League. A glance at the results of the interdivision statistics will show that young, strong lines of the American conference teams are having no troubles at all with their older, more experienced counter-parts in the National conference. It should have been apparent to George that he needed help in a hurry when his "over-the-hill gang" was manhandled, in the exhibition season, by the New England Patriots.

No team that can only score three touch-downs on the ground is going to win a spot in the playoffs.

Baltimore, Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, New England and Chicago have built winning teams by utilizing the draft and taking the time to develop young players.

As for the unethical-conduct charges, it seems to depend on whose ox is being gored. George calls it smart "strategy" when his team curses and screams at the opposing team's kicker.

I, for one, think it's time for George to fold his tent and move on to greener pastures. Obviously his "Geritol" regime has run its course in Washington.