Adrian Dantley of the Indiana Pacers says he agrees with MBA commissioner Lawrence O'Brien's decision to suspend him for three days because of a post-game rampage Wednesday.

"He (the commissioner) did the right thing," said Dantley, who will miss one game and won't be allowed to participate in any team activities or get paid during his suspension, which starts Wednesday.

Although Dantley has been reluctant to talk about what perpetuated his outburst, team sources say that he lost his temper when Milwaukee Buck forward Dave Meyers hit Dantley in the groin late in the game.

Dantley then tried to trip Meyers and was eventually slapped with a tachnical foul. "He told me he was going to get me," Meyers said.

Dantley followed Meyers off the court after the game at Indianapolis and confronted him in the tunnel outside the Milwaukee dressing room. Meyers walked away, telling Dantley, "Forget it."

However, Dantley broke through a group of policemen and Milwaukee players and came within steps of reaching Meyers inside the dressing room before a policeman subdued him in the fracas, another policeman had his eye cut.

"I'm a physical player but I'm a clean player," said Dantley. "There's no need in this game for cheap shots."

Dantley said he was sorry he lost his temper. He apologized to the policeman who was cut.

Dantley, an All-Metropolitan selection at De Matha High in Hyattsville, Md., was a standout performer at Notre Dame before being drafted in the first round by the Buffalo Braves in 1976. He averaged 20.3 points per game and was named Rookie of the Year last season. He was traded to the Pacers before the start of this season.

Indiana sources say that Dantley has been upset over the way he's being roughed up in games this year. He has been to the foul line 226 times, 60 more than anyone else in the league. But Dantley isn't getting many attempts in the second half, which he feels indicates that fouls committed against him are not always being called.

Dantley, the league's No. 3 scorer averaging 26.7 points a game, had 30 points and 12 rebounds Friday night against Chicago in his first game since the Meyers incident.