The fights between players that broke out on Thanksgiving Day in the Dolphins-Cardinals game at St. Louis brought back the memory of the brawls in RFK Stadium in 1971.

Bill Bidwill, managing general partner of the Cardinals, recalls that he was advised to look at a "big guy who came out of the stands and was cleaning up on the Redskins and their sympathizers."

Bidwill disclose that the "big guy" was former offensive tackle Ernie McMillan, then an assistant coach who was reconnoitering in the stands for the Cardinals. "Nobody would have found out who it was except that someone spotted his coach's shoes," Bidwill remembers.

He also recollects that former head coach Charley Winner was seen coming off the field after a victory over Chicago with Bears' owner George Halas apparently congratulating him with a friendly headlock.Actually, Bidwill recalls Winner reporting afterward. "Halas was saying to me while smiling for the fans,' You -, you wouldn't have beaten us in the officials had not been on your side.'"

A warning to the Redskins for next week: Bidwill said St. Louis fans aimed a large trash receptable at the Dallas players after they won and were leaving the field on Oct. 9.

The rest of the NFC may be having its troubles against AFC teams, but Chuck Knox of the Los Angeles Rams is 11-2 against them since becoming a head coach.