Reserve center Joe Pace rejoined the Bullets today after being AWOL two days.

Pace flew here this afternoon after being located by his agent, who then informed the team that his client had been found.

The two-day absence will cost Pace 1/82d of his season salary, as prescribed under NBA Players Association rules, and probably another $100 for missing a team meeting Monday.

Pace apparently was upset about lack of playing time in the two games before his departure. He did not play against Milwaukee Friday night and was in for only three minutes against Boston Saturday night.

He did not show up for the team flight Sunday morning to Cleveland and missed that night's contest against the Cavaliers.

In his two years with the club, Pace has had a track record of missed planes, practices and games. He went AWOL briefly during training camp this year when he didn't think he was being given enough opportunity to play.

However, he already has played more this year than in all of last season. During the last two weeks when the Bullets have won nine of 10 games, he contributed 41 points, including a career-high 16 against New York. He started one game when Wes Unseld was hurt.