Blair High School basketball coach Gene Doane, who brightens gymnasiums with his immaculate attire and forces reporters to miss deadlines with his ongoing philosophy about his favorite sport, is unhappy. He sits and out of one eye gazes at the three Maryland State Class AA trophies his teams have won during his seven years at Blair. Out of the other eye, he peeks at two of his top players who have yet to prectice, much less play this season.

"I guess you can say I'm pessimistic right now, but I'll be optimistic down the road," said Doane. I'm not alibing or looking for excuses. You have to play the hand that's dealt you, to hold on until the cavalry comes."

The Blazer "Troop of 6-foot-7 Leon Evans and 6-5 Paul Harrison, both hobbling with bad ankles, may be back in the saddle in the time for Blair's game against visiting Dunbar tonight at 7.

"The may clobber us; it depends on just how long Evans or Harrison can play," said Doane, sounding more dismayed with each word. "The other kids played well in our first game (a victory over Wilson, 54-42) but when you don't have your best scorer and rebounder, your offense is not all there."

To beat Interhigh league title contender Dunbar (2-0). Blair may need both Evans and Harrison at full strength.

Dunbar has looked impressive in its first two games and many area coaches have already picked it to dethrone reigning champion McKinley. Coach Joe Dean Davidson has a fine point guard in 6-2 Joe Holston (23.5 points per game) and a good cast of supporting players, Terry Tibbs, Raymond Wright and Tony Gomillion are quick, good shooters and run Davidson's slick defensive schemes to perfection.