The New England Patriots will have the Dolphins right where they want them on Sunday. - Miami will be a hot weather team playing in a cold weather town.

Yet, the Dolphins pulled their biggest upset on Thanksgiving Day in a cold weather city, St. Louis, 55-14.

The Dolphins (9-3) share the AFC East lead in the National Football League with the Baltimore Colts, one game ahead of the Patriots (8-4).

The Dolphins can capture the division title by defeating the Patriots and then the Buffalo Bills at Miami Saturday.

The Colts play Detroit (5-7) on Sunday in Baltimore. If the Colts and Dolphins tie at the end of the season with 11-3 records, Miami will win the title by virtue of having the better intradivision record, 7-1 vs. 6-2.

The Colts would have a shot at the AFC wild-card spot in the playoffs in that situation. They close their season at home against New England.

If the Patriots beat the Dolphins and Colts, they will win the division title. If the Patriots, Dolphins, and Colts all finish at 10-4, New England will win the race with the best head-to-head record among the three teams (Patriots 3-1, Dolphins 2-2, and Colts 1-3).

In Oakland there will be a rematch of the 11th Super Bowl teams, with both scuffling to make the playoffs this year.

The Vikings (8-4) are one game ahead of the Chicago Bears (7-5) in the NFC Central and can clinch the division title if they defeat the Lions in Detroit on Saturday, even if they lose to the Raiders.

In a 9-5 finish with Chicago, Minnesota would win on a plus-three point differential in head-to-head games (Minnesota 22-16, Chicago 10-7).

If the Raiders (9-3) defeat the Vikings and the Chiefs (both games are in Oakland), they will be the AFC wildcard team regardless of what happens elsewhere.