Thursday night marks the next stop on the college football bowl schedule, at the first Hall of Fame Classic, which pits a pair of alsorans from the Big 10 and Atlantic Coast Conference - Minnesota and Maryland.

Both finished their seasons with 7-4 records, and were up and down all year. But Maryland's troubles were caused more by injuries than by inconsistency. For the Birmingham, Ala., event, most of the Terp squad figures to be healthy, although both starting defensive tackles will miss the game.

Maryland has a potent attack, with quarterback Larry Dick, a good passer, and three fine receivers in Vince Kinney, Dean Richards and Chuck White. Running backs Preacher Maddox and George Scott will keep the Gophere defense from keying on aerial game.

Season highs for Minnesota came on upset victories over UCLA and a shocking 16-0 score against Michigan. But this is a team without a passing threat. In fact, the offense consists mainly of fullback Kent Kitzman, who carried 57 times in one game against Wisconsin.

Having rallied to win six of its last seven games, the Terps have momemtum going for them and, even with a bang-up defense, will be healthy enough to stop a single-dimension Minnesota offense. Maryland by 7.

In other bowls:

Tangerine: Texas Tech 6 over Florida State.

Fiesta: Penn State 8 over Arizona State.

Gator: Pittsburgh 6 over North Carolina State.

Sun: Louisiana State 4 over Stanford.

Bluebonnet: Southern Cal 5 over Texas A&M.

Sugar: Alabama 1 over Ohio State.


Cotton: Texas 6 over Notre

Rose: Michigan 13 over Washington.

Orange: Oklahoma 12 over Arkansas.