Still good advice in a mystery. The suspensions of Arkansas football stars Ben Cowins, Micheal Forrest and Donny Bobo stemmed from an incident involving a woman student in an athletic dormitory, the snooy media discovered in the wake of coach Lou Holtz's close-mouthed disciplinary measure booting the players out of the Orange Bowl date with Oklahoma. Cowins called upon a Little Rock attorney, John Walker, to represent him and his fellow suspenders in an appeal. Gov. David Pryor backed Holtz' action, saying he was confident the coach would not have taken it without good reason. A university security investigator said the woman didn't want to press charges - "the case is closed because she requested that I not talk to the suspects."

Athletic director Frank Broyles scheduled an appeal hearing last evening, and:

Upheld the suspensions, Underclassmen all, the three haven't been kicked off the team for keeps, Broyles qualified, nor lost their football scholarships

Just a year ago, the Hickok Belt award to the professional athlete of the year - once a big item on the sports pages - found a new home, as a climax of the Washington Touchdown Club's January sports celebrity dinner.

The Hickok Manufacturing Co., Rochester, N.Y., announced yesterday the award is being discontinued, immediately.