Clemson coach Charlie Pell has barred his leading rushers, tailback Warren Ratchford, from Gator Bowl actor against Pitt Dec. 30. Discipline, Pell isn't saying why; but the big story continues to be in Fayetteville, Ark., where only a scrawny passel of Rzaorbacks may emplane Monday for Miami's Jan. 2 Orange Bowl.

Now John Walker, a Little Rock attorney prominent in civil rights, is saying 12 more Arkansas players won't make the trip to play Oklahoma if coach Lou Holtz' ban of offensive stars Ben Cowins, Michael Forrest and Donny Bobo isn't lifted. Holtz acted because of an alleged incident involving the three players and a woman in an athletic dormitory. The three are black; it is not known whether the other dozen are boycotting for racial reasons.

Holtz said Walker didn't identify them, Holtz adding: "If the 12 do not wish to represent the University of Arkansas against Oklahoma, then I think it is in the best interest of all concerned that they remain at home."

The Minnesota Vikings are practicing in Tucson, Ariz., for Monday's NFC playoff date of Los Angeles, unaccostomed as they are to meeting the Rams on Ram turf in December. But the Bears are sticking to home base in Chicago as they prep for Monday at Dallas. Coach Jack Pardee wants to avoid family problems at Christmas and pregame hotel jitters . . . Angelenos are as blase as Balitmoreans, no sellout at the Coliseum by yesterday's deadline (9,000 tickets left) and no telecast of Vikes-Rams in L.A. . . . Rudy Tomjanovich couldn't care less, he's leaving the hospital in Inglewood, Calif., and flying home today for Christmas.

The marriage of big-time hockey coach Ned Harkness and 4,500-student, liberalarts Union College of Schenectady, N.Y., didn't take; Harkness quit yesterday. Four of his players were declared ineligible this week and Harkness said "private information about their records (was) leaked (earlier) and used against them."