Attention, Santa, and all the sleighs in transit: Christmas is canceled here. They plan to celebrate it on Jan. 16 - the day after the Super Bowl. That is the word from Bronco headquarters.

This may be one of the few places in Christendom where people are contemplating violence on Saturday rather than good will toward men from Pittsburg.

The red and green of yuletide have been upstaged by the color orange, as in Orange Crush Fever, Denver Disease, Broncoitis.

This city of 1.25 million is dreaming of an orange Christmas. Trees are flocked with the color. Unconfirmed is a report that Anita Bryant will sing the national anthem.

Spirits have been uplifted by the news that Craig Morton's bruised hip is 100 per cent functional after having blood drained from it. Coach Red Miller reported Morton as "feeling good and throwing good."

Gusts of wind, predicted to hit 60 miles an hour overnight, could have an effect on Morton's passing if it does not diminish by the 4 p.m. (WRC-TV-4) as forecast. But it was sunny and in the high 50s today and is expected to be a few degrees warmer and sunny Saturday.

Linebacker Randy Gradishar of the Broncos had been held out of practices until Wednesday, but no one is buying his status as being 'questionable.' The Orange Crush Defense fever is anticipated to make him forget a mere ankle injury.

The Rocky Mountain News will have newsboys on the streets Saturday hawking an "extra" edition for the first time since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It will tell Denverities that Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw is feeling no pain from a pinched neck nerve he suffered in San Diego. But tight end Bennie Cunningham collapsed on the flight here. He had a low sugar count and was given soda pop fortified with sugar.

He was in the hospital in Pittsburgh earlier in the week for tonsilitis, the Steelers said. Randy Grossman will start in Cunningham's place.

Middle linebacker Jack Lambert and right safety Glen Edwards were injured and missed the last game against the Broncos, which the Steelers lost, 21.7, but they are back in the lineup.

In what the Broncos call a "chronicle of a town gone stark, raving, football crazy," there ia a listing of casualties from 'Broncoitis.'

"Stiffness of index finger, caused by reseated signaling that Denver is No. 1."

"Sprained knee joints, from jumping up and down vigorously at Mile High Stadium.

Irrational behavior, reflected by emotional reaction to not being included in the Monday night football schedule."

Las Vegas showman Peter Menefee was engaged to cast the answer to the Dallas Cowgirls cheerleaders and had 198 applicants. The survivors for the Pony Express are 26 beauts, now getting exposure in outsized posters.