If George Allen and Chuck Knox can be projected onto your All-Rumor-Mill, coast-to-coast coaching carousel, tune up the calliope, stop at the Midway and boost another rider into the stirrups: the old Ramskin, Jack Pardee.

Young Papa Bear, whose successful rebuilding job on George Halas' property screeched to a 37-7 halt for 1977 in Dallas, has been telling Chicago-land he hasn't made up his mind whether to stay after his three-year contract expires next month.

"I'd have to consider a better job if it's offered," Pardee said.

The rundown state of Soldier Field and the nasty late-season weather on Lake Michigan's shores are turning Pardee off. "If you play in a junk heap you're going to play that way."

A decision on the future of the deteriorating stadium is expected from the city in a few months. Already, officials have told the Bears they will have to find a new home - at least temporarily - after next season.

Pardee also rapped conditions at the Bear practice field in Lake Forest -

"An Astro Turf (practice) field is the biggest thing (we need)," said Pardee. You better believe he knows Redskin Park has such a nice rug to cut on . . .

No stopover for practice this week for the Vikings last week when they worked in Tucson, Ariz., before cashing in on the rainy weather that D.C. meteorologist Gordon Barnes promised them for the playoff opener at Los Angeles. Bud Grant's squad work out in the U. of Minnesota field house yesterday and will fly to Dallas today for two days of warm-weather practice at SMU before batling the Cowboys for the NFC title Sunday. The National Weather Service predicts fair skies and about 65 degrees in Irving, Tex., at game time . . . Meanwhile, awright awreddy, Gordon, turn it off - Michigan and Washington, prepping for the Rose Bowl, saw it rain a fifth consecutive day in Southern California.

IN (sunny?) Palm Spring, Calif., Charlie Finley, Bowie Kuhn and Oakland Coliseum officials meet today to discuss whether the A's will pay next baseball season for prospective buyer Marvin Davis in Denver or, for the sake of obeying the law, in Oakland. The commissioner's office in New York said Kuhn was going, with American League president Lee MacPhail, as an observer. Said Finley in Chicago, "I don't consider him an observer. He'll be there as commissioner." Uninvited: Denver interests or representives of the San Francisco Giants, other half of the game's "Bay Area problem" . . .

Viking graybeard Jim Marshall turns 40 today (happy birthday, good Buckeye); that may not be old, but here's what some young whippersnapper at Minneapolis AP noted: "The indestructible defensive and has played every game since the Vikings moved to Minnesota from Washington, D. C., In 1961"!!!! . . . More than one left-hander grew a year older on Christmas Day. Add Oakland QB Ken Stabler, who upon turning 32, observed, "I'm not sure if it's because of that game (37-31 overtime over Baltimore) or because I've had a birthday" . . . Then there was Dec. 22, 19749 baby Ray Guy, the Raider punter-kickeroffer, of whom Pete Arges of The Post's advertising staff wonders, in tune with the season, "Has anyone tried "Missile Toe' for a Guy nickname?" . . .

Wednesday, a woman staffer for Sports Illustrated married the owner of the New York Mets. Yesterday, an SI reporter, Melissa Ludtke, 26, and her employer, Times Inc., sued the New York Yankees and major league baseball, charging sex discrimination. How dare they bar her from the Yankee clubhouse during the 1977 World Series "solely" because of her sex, she and Times demand.