The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) begins its four-day delegates convention today in Atlanta with eligibility and restructuring expected to receive the most attention.

Currently, a transfer student is allowed to play immediately, but cannot receive a scholarship. There is a proposal to require a transfer student to sit out a year, but then she would be allowed to receive a scholarship, as is the case in men's athletics. The execution board of AIAW has recommended that this proposal be defeated.

Last year, delegates passed a resolution that, as of September, 1978, would allow scholarships to be given only for tuition and fees. Now, there are three proposals to change that.

The first option calls for financial aid, based on athletic ability, to be given to students who demonstrate financial need. Only tuition and fees would be paid for.

The second option would help pay for tuition, fees and room and board in cases of financial need.

The third option would allow providing tuition, fees, room and board without the student having to demonstrate financial need.

The AIAW is divided into two divisions for competition - colleges with female enrollments of more than 3,000 and those schools with fewer women students.

The large colleges must compete, in national tournaments, against each other.

There are three new structure proposals. One calls for three divisions - each school would have to declare which division it wanted to be in and would have to play 65 per cent of its schedule against teams in that division.

One method of determining those divisions would be by the number of sports offered against a school's female enrollment.

Another plan would give schools the opportunity to choose, for each sport, between two divisions. One would be an open division, the other a division for schools with limited scholarships.

A third plan deals with a point system. Points would be given a school for the number of scholarships it offers, the size of its budget and the number of sports offered. Schools then would be broken into two divisions.