Frank [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Palermo wants back into boxing, if he isn't already.

It's 16 years since Palermo's conviction for extortion and conspiracy after U.S. Senate subcommittee hearings chaired by the late Estes Kefauver spotlighted mob control of boxing. Palermo and Frankie Carbo, reputed underworld boss of the fight game of that era, were sent up for trying to [WORD ILLEGIBLE] in on the contract of welterweight champion Don Jordan. Carbo get 25 years; died in prison two years age, Palermo, sentenced to 15 years, was released from Lewisburg (Pa.) Federal Penitentiary in 1971.

Now at 72, Palermo, manager of 1930s lightweight champion like William and welter champ Johnny Soxtan as the Philadelphia arm of the Carbo machine, has applied to be relieased to manage fighters in Pennsylvania. The state athletic commission will take up the matter Jan. 23

Palermo's lawyer says the oldster - "completely rehabilitated" - has no fighters lined up - even if heavyweight contender Jimidy Young of Philly and his handlers did have to spend much of the preparation time for November's Ken Nerton bout parrying rumors that Palermo had taken behind-the-scenes control of Young.

Well, one time, Young's comanager Ray Kelly allowed, Palermo came into comanager Jack Levin's store and "told Jimmy to keep his hands up (in the ring)" - nothing more.