Denver coach [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Miller and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said today they no [WORD ILLEGIBLE] took seriously the threat against the life of fullback Jon Keyworth.

Miller [WORD ILLEGIBLE] said he will start Keyworth and Otis Armstrong in the backfield Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 12.

NFL, Commissioner Pete Rozelle said, The FBI has advised us there was no valid threat; that the threat was the result of a martial problem not involving Keyworth. The FBI is making certain that people involved are not traveling to New Orleans (from their home in Denver).

The New Orleans office of the FBI said in a statement, "The alleged threat was made from outside the state of Colorado by telephone.

"The FBI has conducted a thorough investigation of this matter, including an interview of the person who allegedly made the threat, and has determined that there is absolutely no need for concern"?

"The individual who was interviewed has denied making any threat whatsoever and has no intention of traveling to New Orleans for any reason."

It was learned that the United States attorney in Denver plans no prosecution. No names were released.

Another source cited federal sources in Denver as saying a man and his wife who were having domestic problems were patrons in a restaurant and bar operated in Denver by Keyworth.

There were two versions of an incident supposed to have taken place. One was that Keyworth was on his way to the stage to sing when he stumbled over the wife's outstretched feet and apologized.

Later, the woman was supposed to have told authorities that her husband accused Keyworth of insulting her, that her husband said he was going to "kill" Keyworth.

Another version was that Keyworth talked to the couple and that her husband accused the woman of having an affair with Kenworth and threatened to kill the player.

Meanwhile, Dallas coach Tom Landry seemed to be a bit coy when he said, "This team is looser than others. They enjoy themselves in practice. If you're loose, you can lose concentration. I can't gauge how ready they are by how they practice. I didn't think they were ready for the Bears (the playoff game in which the Cowboys played their best game of the season, winning, 37-7). I say more power to the Broncos if they can relax."

What a team does aganist an "emotionally high" opponent, he said, "is try to hold its own for a while. Sooner or later it comes down to basics, as all football games do."

He was solicited for a comment on Miller's statement that the Broncos played a tougher schedule. "I wouldn't deny that," he said. "They played the best. From that standpoint it gives them an advantage.If that doesn't give them confidence, there's something wrong."

Miller even taunted the media about reporting that he did not disclose that quarterback Craig Morton was in the hospital from Tuesday through Thursday before upsetting Oakland in the AFC championship game, Jan. 1.

"I want to report that Craig Morton is not in the hospital. He has thrown every ball in practice. He had an excellent workout . . . Everything is in place."