Dan Reeves, coordinator of the Cowboys' offense, was interviewed for the Los Angeles Rams' head coach vacancy, Dallas coach Tom Landry said yesterday.

However, the Los Angeles Times reported in its Friday editions that club owner Carroll Rosenbloom appeared to be leaning heavily toward George Allen as the new Rams coach.

Landry, winner of his second Super Bowl game last Sunday, said Reeves visited the Rams Thursday with the permission of the Cowboys.

General manager Don Klosterman of the Rams confirmed that Reeves was interviewing, adding. "He will be a top candidate. He showed incredible knowledge and understanding of the game and an approach to it. He was most impressive."

Asked how Reeves ranked relative to George Allen, Klosterman said, "They both rate very high. Allen would be a very strong candidate because of his record if he were willing to be a coach (only, and not a general manager)".

Klosterman said there were no other candidates who rated as strongly, but he noted that the Rams will be talking to other prospects.

Klosterman said he had not asked permission to talk to the Redskins about the general manager vacancy and that the Redskins had not asked permission to talk to him. He said he has not thought about coming here.

Another league source said Reeves would appeal to owner Carroll Rosenbloom of the Rams.

That appeal was said to be based on Reeves, 33 on Thursday, being "good-looking, clean-cut, sharp, with the thinking of a former college quarterback who would bring a version of the entertaining Dallas offense to Los Angeles.

Reeves turned down the Atlant Falcons job before Leeman Bennet took it. The source said Reeves is being groomed to take Landry's place.

Reeves' name has been mentioned in connection with the Redskin coaching vacancy but there is doubt that the Cowboys would be eager to have him coaching in the same division, the NFC East.

Nor would the St. Louis Cardinals like to see Don Coryell coaching the Redskins - for the same reason.

The Rams have said they will not give up two No. 1 draft choices for Coryell. Joe Sullivan, director of operations for St. Louis, said that owner Bill Bidwill was only jesting when he suggested that is how much the Rams would have to give. Sullivan said the Cardinals want only one No. 1 draft choice for Coryell.

Asked whom the Cardinals were considering to be head coach, Sullivan said. "We have a coach (Coryell) unless the Rams hire him." He said that there was a long talk with Jack Pardee at the Senior Bowl game, but insisted it was not about football.

"If need a coach, we will not be interested in anyone who was a head coach in the NFL at the end of the 1977 season" Sullivan said. He said the Redskins have shown no interest in Coryell and that "I don't think George Allen will apply if the Cardinals end up with a vacancy."

Another source speculated that Mike McCormack might not be readily available to the Redskins. He is heir apparent to the head coaching job at Cincinnati, if there is a change. Present head coach Bill Johnson reportedly is on "thin ince."

Joe Paterno is not being written off as a possibility with the Redskins or some other pro team, even though he repeatedly has turned down flattering pro offers, most recently by New England before Church Fairbanks was hired.

The source described Paterno's position at Penn State: "How many times can you be satisfied to finish 11-0 and get only a No. 4 ranking nationally, because of your schedule?"

Forrest Gregg, Associated Press coach of the year at Cleveland in 1976 with a 9-5 record and 5-2 this season before losing first-strung quarterback Brian Sipe, has told friends in Green Bay that he will apply for the vacancy at Chicago.

Other candidates are expected to be Jack Gotta, who coached Birmingham in the World Football League, and John Ralston, former Denver Bronco coach who had a 9-5 record before being fired after a player revolt.