Former Washington Redskin coach George Allen, fired last week said last night team president Edward Bennett Williams made a good decision in hiring Jack Pardee to be the club's next head coach.

"I think Ed made a good decision in hiring Jack," Allen said. "He's (Pardee) always wanted to be a coach and I think he'll do a good job.

"I think it's a break for a lot of the present Redskins players because Jack knows them and knows what they can do."

Asked how he thought Pardee, who quit as head coach of the Chicago Bears last week to seek the Redskin post, might differ in coaching style from him, Allen said there probably would be little difference.

"The systems will be similar, the terminology will be similar and the practice routines will be similar," Allen said.

Asked if Pardee, who played under Allen for both the Redskins and Los Angeles Rams, might be considered his protege, Allen said, "I don't know. I guess you'll have to ask him that."

Allen and the Redskins parted on bitter terms last week, with the former Redskin coach charging Williams with "stabbing him in the back" and calling Williams devious, deceitful and a Jekyll and Hyde.

Allen is the leading candidate to replace Chuck Knox as coach of the Rams. Rams' owner Carroll new coach, but Allen reportedly has the inside track Rosenbloom has not yet made a final decision on a over St. Louis coach Don Coryell and Grambling College coach Eddie Robinson.

If Allen gets the Ram job, he will not have an opportunity for revenge, at least in the regular season. The Redskins and Rams do not play in 1978.