A federal judge in Alexandria has thrown out a suit filed by two dismissed members of the Langley High School girls tennis team who charged the Virginia High School League discriminated against them by prohibiting them from playing on the team and in a tennis tournament outside school.

Judge Oren R. Lewis ruled last week in a two-page opinion that the students. Ann Carla Steiger, 16, and Monique Thevenet, 16, "failed to allege" that they had not had proper hearings before they were told they could not participate on the tennis team. Lewis also said they were not discriminated against by the league's rules.

Steiger and Thevenet were removed from the Langley team for one year because they played in the Middle Atlantic Lawn Tennis Association tournament in October.

The VHSL, which regulates state high school athletics, argued that the students violated their rule that states that a student who is a member of a high school team cannot participate in that sport during the season with any other organized team or as an individual in an organized meet.

Lewis commented during a hearing earlier this month that he probably would rule against the students because their suit did not involve federal questions.