Alice Butler, a 5-foot-8 American University freshman, has scored 108 points in her first four college basketball games for a 27-point average but that isn't enough.

One of the first recipients of a full scholarship in the AU women's basketball program Butler said she wants to "do something for the women's athletic program here. We need a lot of recognition, and I hope I can help us get nationally ranked, so we can play teams like Delta State and Immaculata."

Twice All-Metropolitan as a member of the DuVal High School squad, Butler went to AU after rejecting offers from Southern University in Balton Rouge, La., and Delaware State.

Coach Bessie Stockard is naturally pleased the lefthander chose American.Stockard said she is not setting up plays around Butler, that ther high scoring is a result of her "being in the right place at the right time."

"Alice doesn't look flashly," Stockard said. "But what she does, she does with authority. She's not a selfish player.

"The biggest adjustment she has to work on is going from left to right. She's a lefthanded shooter, and needs to work on using her right to become a complete basketball player."

Butler hopes to become a probation officer when she completes her major in social work.

In the next four years, she hopes to achieve what no other women at American University has done - score 1,000 ppoints.