Redskin president Edward Bennett Williams said yesterday he will wait until all the vacant NFL coaching positions are filled before selecting a general manager.

"I hope to get it all done by the end of February," Williams said. "I'll move more deliberately this time because I have to make sure I've looked at everybody to who would be available. It's a little early to know now until all the coaching jobs are filled.

"I just want to have a full panoply of choices. I don't want to select someone and say two weeks from now, such and such man was available and I should have awaited.

"It's not anything like the urgency to get a head coach. We had to move quickly in that area, and we got the best man."

TWilliams said he has not spoken to any applicants for the position, but that he was getting a number of recommendations from around the league.

He mentioned four names recommended to him - Terry Bledsoe, assistant executive director of NFL Management Council: Opton Bell, former player personnel director for the Baltimore Colts; Al LoCasale, executive assistant to Al Davis in Oakland, and Al Ward, former general manager of the New York Jets - and added that "there are many others."

Williams indicated he had received several applications from around the league but declined to name them. "There's no favorite because I haven't really begun to get into it," he said.

Three men new in the Redskin organization - director of pro scouting Bobby Mitchell, director of pro college scouting Mike Allman and administrative aide Dick Myers - have been mentioned as candidates, although sources indicate Williams i probably looking outside the club to fill the vacancy.

Joe Sullivan, director of operations for the St. Louis Cardinals, had been mentioned as a candidate, but he said yesterday he plans to stay in St. Louis. He was once an aide to George Allen here.

"I have not contacted the Redskins and they have not contacted me," he said. "I'm extremely happy here, and there wouldn't be anything attractive enough to break up my relationship with (team owner) Bill Bidwill. I don't anticipate the Redskins calling, and if they do, I'd tell them the same thing. I'm perfectly happy right here."

possible candidates include Frank Ryan, athletic director at yale; Ernie Accorsi, assistant general manager of the Colts; Curt Mosher, assistant general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, and perhaps even Don Klosterman, now general manager of the Rams.

There has been specualtion that Klosterman might have leave Los Angeles if George Allen is named head coach of the Rams. Williams has said he prefers not to comment on any possible candidates, until we see how this thing develops."

In Los Angeles, sources indicate that Allen remains the leading candidate to replace Chuck Knox as head coach. Team owner Carroll Rosenbloom met yesterday with Ray Malavasi, the team's defensive coordinator under Knox, and is scheduled to meet today with Cowboy assistant Dan Reeves. He saw Reeves last week, and a club spokesman said last night Rosenbloom "was impressed" with the Dallas aide.

One NFL source familiar with Rosenbloom's way of doing things said yesterday that "Carroll loves the unexpected. He's the king of guy who when people say he'd never do it, he'll go and do it."

"He moved out a name guy (Knox) and now he's got to get someone better, and I think that would be George Allen. I know Carrol is enjoying all this. He's got a lot of people dangling. he's having a hell of a time."

Meanwhile, at Redskins Park, head coach Jack Pardee completed his interviews with Allen's former assistant coaches, and even got in a game of racquetball in the afternoon.

Team sources said yesterday that three from Allen' staff - defensive coordinator LaVern Torgeson, Secondary coach Ralph Hawkins and special-teams coach Paul Lanham - have been offered positions on Pardee's first Redskin staff.

They most likely will make their decisions whether to stay or go when Allen's status is determined.