George Allen could not have composed better music for Carroll Rosenbloom's ears than Bill Kilmer did for the newspaper that is on the club owner's breakfast table daily, the Los Angeles Times.

The boss of the Los Angeles Rams is as dedicated to winning as any coach or player and Kilmer was quoted by sports writer Bob Oates as saying. "George divides the world into kinds of people - winners and quitters. He says the only losers are guys who quit. And all you have to do to win is keep putting out.

"That means dedicating yourself to working hard. Some talent, plus hard work, equal winning. That's George's book. Most of his players understand this and like him. Basically, those who don't are guys who just don't want to put out. It's simple as that."

Oates recalls a quotation by an Allen critic, former All-Pro defensive tackle Merlin Olsen, near the end of Allen's term as coach of the Rams.

"His practices are too long," Olsen, now a sportscaster, said then. "I don't think you have to practice 2 1/2 hours a day to get ready for a football game. A lot of things we do are repetitive."

Olsen is quoted as saying later, "A major reason why we never won the championship" was Allen's attempt to get a "superior effort week after week."

The story was organized to juxtapose another quotation from Kilmer: "Players who bad-mouth him (Allen) are those who for some reason don't want to work as hard as you have to work to win. Thoroughness is George's bag, and thoroughness takes time."

The quarterback says on another matter. "George's reputation for falsity and being devious goes back to one thing - he has this desire to win. And if he told the full truth to all of his players it would be harder to win. Suppose you tell a wide receive he's no good. Then suppose your first-stringer breaks a leg on the first play.

"Now what do you do?" You've destroyed your bench psychologically by telling him he's no goood."