George Allen "would have to be seriously considered" for the head coaching vacancy of the New Orleans Saints created by the firing of Hank Stram Saturday, a high-ranking club executive said yesterday.

"We have not talked with George, but we will definitely consider him for the job," Eddie Jones vice-president/treasurer, told The Washington Post yesterday.

"To be quite honest, we haven't really sat down with Mr. Mecom (team owner John Mecom) and we did not have a coach in mind when Coach Stram was dismissed.

"Obviously, you would have to say that Dick Nolan is right at the top of our list because of his background, his experience as a head coach, the fact that he was on the staff here and knows our personnel.

"But yes, we would have to consider Allen just because he's been a great coach. At this point, we don't know what his situation is with the Rams. I've heard that he's being considered for that job, but that's just what I read in the papers."

Jones said that Noland, the Saints' linebacker coach and former head coach of the 49ers, had already been told that he would be considered for the position. He added that no other candidates would be contacted until he, Mecom and Harry Hulmes, the club's vice president for administration, meet either Monday or Tuesday.

Mecom reportedly is on the west coast, and Hulmes is in St. Louis at a meeting of a scouting combine.

Jones indicated that Cardinal Coach Don Coryell may also be considered depending on his situation in St. Louis. Coryell is still under contract to the Cardinals, and owner Bill Bidwill has said he will not release Coryell from the contract without compensation in the form of No. 1 draft choice.

Jones said the new coach would probably have the same powers as Stram - "complete authority over the football operation in all areas, including drafting and trading of players. Hank didn't negotiate contracts because he didn't want to. I would think the new man would operate under the same terms."

"Yes, I would think Allen or anyone else would have more control here than in Los Angeles," Jones said."But as I said, we're not even close to making a decision.It's really too early to say anything."