If anybody thought Celtic Pride would reassert itself in the aura of John Havlicek's announcement that this is his last NBA campaign for the Bostons, no such luck: the word this day and age is price, no pride.

Jo Jo White, whose 488 consecutive games played is a Celt record not even Iron John H. could match, says he is cutting the string right there - unless, as on Sunday, he is pressed into action against his wishes.

White, the nine-year veteran guard who was championship series MVP two years back, is hurting, but he has played hurt in the past. Now he insists that because of his nagging leftheel ailment, result of bone spurs, and the management's insistence in negotiations on a long-term contract renewal that it won't insure his salary in case of injury later on: 'They are giving me the business, and I'm not going to go out there and play for them and jeopardize my career."

Maybe you can't blame him, and he was saying much the same thing before Coach Satch Sanders ordered him to dress for Sunday's home game against Golden State and used him for 11 minutes of the second half. And White agreed to accompany the team to Springfield Civic Ctr. for tonight's game against Indiana. If Sanders feels he is needed and the team doctor again okays it. White may go into action again - but not if he can help it. Asked as he sat out Monday practice if he would play, White replied: "Nope, I'm going to take 10 days off