Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Gerald Glover's nickname, Dr., may be dying at last. The smooth and heady Howard senior is too gifted and complete a player for such a borrowed nickname.

It took Glover only four seconds to score last night at Burr Gym against Maryland-Eastern Shore. He took the opening tip, gave a few head bobs, and tossed in a soft little jumper.

The rest of Howard's evening was just as pleasant as the Bison ripped off a 27-6 spurt to start the second half and left the Hawks gasping, 97-74.

Even Howard coach A. B. Williamson had to admit that his team, which is now 11.3, looked sharp.

"A. B. doen't like to give us too many compliments," said Glover, who had 23 points, five rebounds, four steals and four assists. "All he said to me after the game was 'Practice is the same time tomorrow.' I guess he thinks we'll get big heads."

Glover deserved a bushel of praise last night, with Mike Nettles and Dorian Dent deserving perhaps a peck apiece, as his chief accomplices.

"I wish we could get rid of Glover's dumb nickname," said a Howad official. "He throws down dunks like Dr. J, but really, he deserves a nickname of his own.

"They ought to call him Kid Glover because he's so smooth, or Prof. G because he's so smart."

Glover, a dependable 18-point scorcer the last two seasons, had one of his boarding-house-reach dunks last night, but that spectacular shot was really the least important part of his game.

All of his shots wera choosen well. By contrast, Glover gave the Hawks' big man, Ken Simmons, the MEAC's leading scorer (25.6), a miserable night with his tight defense.

Simmons outscored G-23, but he shot 10 for 27 to Glover's judicious nine for 13.