Redskin quarterback Billy Kilmer said yesterday that it is "no secret" he would want to play for his former coach, George Allen, if Allen wants him.

But, Kilmer added, he is under contract with the Redskins for another year. "I plan on being with the Redskins until then," he said.

"It's no secret how I feel about George," Kilmer said by telephone from Florida. "I know his program and I know he's going to win.I've been with him seven good years . . .

It's no secret that I want to play for him. But . . . I have a lot of respect for Jack Pardee (Washington's new coach.)"

Kilmer, whose contract with the Redskins expires after the 1978 season, said he has not talked with Allen about the possibility of joining him in Los Angeles, where Allen was named head coach of the Rams Wednesday.

At a press conference annoucing his joining the Rams. Allen said there were "some Redskins I'd like to have." Asked if Kilmer might be one Allen responded, "He might be."

Allen then noted his desire to have a veteran quarterback to augment younger quarterbacks Pat Haden and Vince Ferragamo - especially now that the regular season has been expanded from 14 to 16 games. (There will be four preseason games, instead of six.)

Kilmer, 38, said he has not talked with Pardee about his future with the Redskins. "I'm going to the Mardi Gras next week and then I'll go back to Washington to talk to Pardee," Kilmer said. "I don't know what their plans or philosophies are."

Asked if he has thought of retiring at the end of the season when his contract is up. Kilmer said. "It's too tough (to answer) I can't speculate. You never know when and injury might put you out. That's why I've always signed just one-year contracts."

Kilmer said the expanded schedule will probably require some clubs to carry a third quarterback.

"The owners may have to up the player limit or have a longer taxi squad," he said. "I think (clubs) are going to have to carry another quarterback somewhere - if not on the active roster, then at least on the taxi squad.

"Fourteen games were rough enough. You're going to need two solid quarterbacks to play year-round.

"The quarterback is going to have to play extra and his chances of getting injured are all that much increased."

Kilmer said he feels "as good as anythings . . . I had some problems before with my knees and they didn't clear up until the middle of (last) season."