Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

It was a bad night for 10 guys from Florida to be caught in Washington. Stetson University's basketball team, from sunny DeLand, was snowed under by George Washington, 96-73, last night at Smith Center.

It took the Mad Hatters 90 minutes to reach GW's showcase from the Key Bridge Marriott, and they needed a three-block walk past cars parked in the middle of 23rd Street to make it. It didn't take any longer to lose their 10th game in 20 starts, as both teams raced up and down, firing with accuracy.

GWU hit 57 percent of its floor shots, plus 18 of 22 at the line, while Stetson connected on 53 percent from the field. The Colonials' big gunners were Les Anderson, 23 points, and Tom Glenn, 21.

Anderson also was GWU's only effective defender. The 6-foot-5 senior limited Stetson's 6-8 Mel (Dr. Dunk) Daniels to four points in the first half, then switched his attention to 6-7 Greg Guye in the last 20 minutes. Guye, who racked up 16 points before the intermission, was able to add nine more for game honors.

Daniels managed 92 dunks last season, but he broke free for only one last night and there was a smile on Anderson's face when he pulled his own hat-trick, a dazzling dunk that completed an 11-point GWU string for an 84-66 lead.

The Hatters were still discussing the weather as GWU reeled off 12 straight points for a 20-10 lead, then expanded it to 28-12 with an eight-point run. But as GWU prepared to change its record to 14-6, it was caugh with its pencil down.

Guye and Glenn Wilkes Jr., son of the Stetson coach, began to hit and GWU, trying to pass through Stetson's two-three zone, started to turn the ball over. An eight-point Stetson streak pulled the Hatters within 39-35 just before halftime and the margin was down to 48-45 before Anderson and GWU's press combined to provide breathing room.

GW Coach Bob Tallent was still breathing fire at the officials, as well as his team, with just seven minutes to go. The two free throws that followed a technical on Tallent made the score 73-66, but the Colonials then applied the crusher by rolling that big 11.

"It still bothers me that a team can't be intense for 40 minutes," Tallent said, "but it's hard to do. We let up and with all those good shooters they were able to make it close. Nowadays, everybody has a good team, good enough to beat you if you don't play your best."

Stetson was good enough to beat South Carolina by 22 points at Columbia, but its 23 turnovers last night --14 in the first half -- could not be overcome even by the hot shooting.

"We played like snow," said Coach Glenn Wilkes Sr.

At least both teams were moving. Outside, it took an hour to drive around the block, and enough folks found parking spaces to take advantage of GW Athletic Director Bob Faris' offer of free admission to boost