George Allen will take four members of his Redskin coaching staff to Los Angeles, the Rams announced yesterday.

As expected, former Redskin defensive coordinator La Vern Torgeson and special teams coach Paul Lanham were among six new assistant coaches named by Allen.

Also on the staff will be Charlie Waller, the Redskins offensive coordinator, and Bill Hickman, the Redskins special assignments coach. Two of Chuck Knox's former aides will also join Allen -- John Faulkner, special assistant coach, and Ray Malavasi, defensive coordinator.

A Ram spokesman said Allen had not specificaly defined each job title and that he would probably add several more coaches upon his return from a vacation on Feb. 16.

In addition to serving as defensive coordinators, Torgeson and Malavasi worked with defensive linemen. Lanham is expected to be the special teams coach and Waller probably will be the offensive coordinator.

With Washington, Hickman handled much of the statistical breakdowns for Allen, and his main function on the field was to keep practices on schedule. Faulkner served as the Rams superscout in recent years, and will continue in that capacity.

At Redskin Park, Jack Pardee was working on putting together his staff. Joe Walton, the backfield coach under Allen, will be named the team's offensive coordinator, probably today.

Two of Allen's former Redskin assistants, line coach Bill Austin and defensive assistant-scout Marv Matuszak have not joined new teams.