Al LoCasale met with Redskin President Edward Bennett Williams Friday for the second time in two weeks to discuss the team's vacant general manager position. But Williams said yesterday, "There's still no leading candidate."

"Al happened to be in the East and I spoke with him again," Williams said, adding that he also plans to interview Bobby Beathard, a former director of player personnel for the Miami Dolphins, this week.

Williams insisted that he has not narrowed the field, that he is still interviewing other candidates and that "I'm still a couple of weeks away from a decision."

LoCasale, the executive assistant to Oakland Raider Managing Partner Al Davis, also visited Redskin Park on Friday and met briefly with Coach Jack Pardee, according to club sources.

In his first visit here two weeks ago, LoCasale made it clear that he wanted the Redskin position.

Williams attached no special significance to LoCasale's trip to Redskin Park. "He just wanted to see the facility for his won curiosity as much as anything else," Williams said.

Williams indicated he had also spoken Friday by telephone with Beathard, who resigned his position last week with the Dolphins and publicly critized Miami owner Joe Robbie.

Williams has said he wants his new general manager to be involved in the administrative and financial operation of the club, as well as to have had experience in personnel. Beathard, whose professional career began as a part-time scout for Kansas City in 1963, has been strictly a personnel man his entire NFL career.

"Yes, he's basically a personnel guy," Williams said, "but it may be if we had a guy with all his background at the personnel end, we could probably make some adjustments at the administrative level. He certainly has a dazzling record of success."

Of the 20 players Beathard drafted to the first six rounds of the 1974 through 1976 drafts, 19 made the Dolphin roster. Last year, Miami's first two picks, defensive tackles A. J. Dube and Bob Baumhower, became starters and Dube was named AFC rookie of the year.

Beathard said last night he would fly to Washington Monday to confer with Williams and that, "I have no idea how they evaluate me or where I stand. The rumor I keep hearing around the league is that Al LoCasale is the No. 1 candidate and he's a very good friend of mine. I think he's great. If it windsup that he's the man they pick the Redskins will get a hell of a guy.

"I won't kid anybody. I'm not qualified to run the business side yet, although I don't think it would be that difficult to learn. But my strength is player evaluation, trade, signing contracts, that kind of thing. I think I could do that job. We'll see what they're looking for."

In another development, it was learned that Rich Petibon, who played 14 years in the NFL, including two seasons with the Redskins, has been interviewed by Coach Jack Pardee to coach the Washington secondary.