The board of directors of the New York Mets voted last year to move to Washington.

April fool in February? Not the way we copy it from baseball writer Maury Allen's column in the New York Post.

M. Donald Grant, Mets' chairman of the board, disclosed the happening, and elaborated:"When the Olympic site was being discussed I made our position clear to the governor. If New York got the Olympics and Shea Stadium was enlarged to 75,000 seats as proposed, we would move. We voted ti and we meant it."

Grant, the Allen story goes on, said he thought the idea of an Olympics being held in New York in August was ridiculous. "They wanted us to move into Yankee Stadium for a year or two while they enlarged Shea." Grant told Allen and a few other sportswriter after inviting them to dinner at "21". "Then it would be five years and then everybody wuld say we don't need two parks. Baseball just doesn't work when two teams play in one park."

Grant, pressed on the Olympic issue, said he would have moved the Mets to the capital and abondoned New York because he thinks Washington can be a "terrific" National League franchise. And what does that make Grant in the Big Apple if he, in Allen's words, already has been NYC's public ogre No. 1 since trading away Tom Seaver? . . .