Letters and phone calls from readers . . .

TERRY FORTUNE, Washington - "No one will argue with your general conclusions that none of the area basketball teams is a match for Kentucky.

"But you seem to be saying that there exists a difference in kind, rather than degree, between Kentucky's overwhelming height advantage.

"In this connection, you note that Kentucky has six players 6-foot-6 or taller. Well, Georgetown also has six players over 6-6.

"When you say that Craig Shelton of Georgetown is the physical match for Kentucky's sixth-best front-line man, I assume all you are saying is that both players are the same size. That is a rather inconsequential fact. With his leaping ability, Shelton has all the height he needs to become one of the best forwards in the country.

"Finally, Georgetown's wins over two SEC opponents - Alabama and Georgia - demonstrate that, in addition to its extremely good back court, Georgetown has the size and strength inside to challenge anyone, including Kentucky."

MARK ROSENBERGER, Washington - "I'm a Georgetown fan and I don't think you'd know a basketball player if you saw one. You said Craig Shelton was about as good as Kentucky's sixth-best big man. Kentucky has all those clods, but Shelton is a player man. How dumb can you get?"

Comment: You ask hard questions, man. Let me clear one thing: I never said Shelton was only as good as Kentucky's sixth-best. In fact, he may be as good as any of them. My point was, and is, that Shelton would be outnumbered by talented men bigger than he. And the team with the most big and talented players is the better team.

BILL PURVIS and DAVE KOSHGARIAN. Washington - "Please, before the college basketball season is one game older, tell us outlanders just what the devil kind of person, place or thing is a Hoya. Our modest dictionary does not tell us, and we are unable to curb the curiousity."

Comment: You ask hard questions, men. The Georgetown University brochure has this explanation:

"Many years ago there was a team at Georgetown called the "Stonewalls" and it is suggested that a student applied the Greek and Latin terms and dubbed them "hoia saxa" - what rocks!

"Although nobody seems to know exactly when and under what circumstances the term "Hoya Saxa" was first used at Georgetown, there seems to be very little doubt about the derivation of the words. "Hoya" is from the Greek word "hoios," meaning "such a" or "what a." The neuter plural of this word is "hoia," which agrees with the neuter plural of the Latin word "saxa," menaing rocks; thus, we have "Hoya" substituting "y" for "i""

Which is a wonderful reason, don'tyou think, for painting a bulldog's face on the Georgetown basketball court?

FLOYD E. HALL, Camp Springs, Md. - "I read about your "withdrawal symptoms" from Kentucky basketball. I have advice for you. I left Morehead, ky., when I finished high school, somehow got lost in this city, never made enough money for a ticket out and have been here 27 years. I've (See KINDRED, D6, Col. 3)(KINDRED, From D1) listened to Kentucky basketball on the radio ever since.

"When you get desperate, you'll go to all lengths to get that radio signal. I lived in an apartment many years ago and the steel in the structure rendered my radio almost useless for distant stations.

"Did I panic?

"Hell, yes.

"But I also sneaked up to the roof and laid in a long wire antenna and draped it down the side of the building to my third floor.The same thing is applicable to your house.

"The next best thing is your car. I can't explain it, but car radios are more sensitive and discriminating than the house variety. Try it. I also suggest a coat. It gets cold some nights, especially when we're losing.

"I recall one night some years ago when I picked up a young lady at her home on our first date. She asked me where we were going and I told her, "Out to Southeast and park."

"She informed me bluntly that if that had a meaning, she wasn't the type. Stunned she was when she discovered that my intentions were to find that tall knoll just off Atlantic Street, above Bolling Air Field, so I could pick up the Kentucky Invitational."