Richard (Doc) Urich was named the Redskins' new defensive line coach and defensive coordinator yesterday, completing Coach Jack Pardee's seven-man on-the-field staff of assistants.

Urich, 49, spent the 1977 season, as director of pro scouting for the Denver Broncos. He said yesterday he has no plans to install the three lineman for linebaker defense the Broncos used to advance to the Super Bowl last season.

"I've got to wait and get there (to Washington) before I do anything," he said on the phone from Denver. "Defense in the NFL is a matter of playing together as a unit. You have to have leadership, intensity and everybody has to hustle. From what I've seen of the Redskins the last few years, that's not going to be a problem.

"Yes, I've taught and coached the 3-4 defense before, but it dosn't mean we'll adopt that policy. We've got ot analyze the situation, look at the people, put things together and decide which way we want to go.

"I think you've got good experience there. You've got some promising young people who need development, and you do have some loder people. But I'm not concerned about the age. A guy like Ron McDole had to prove to me that he can't play. Hell, we all know now he can."

Before he moved into the Denver front office last season, Urich spent a year coaching the offensive line one year and four years coaching the defensive line.

He has been an assistant with the Buffalo Bills, assisted Ars Parseghian at Notre Dame and Northwestern and was head coach at Northern Illionis and the University of Buffalo.

Urich played college football at miami of Ohio with Parseghian, Paul Dietzel and Bo Schembechler, and was coached there by Woody Hayes, among others.

Pardee, who described Urich as "an exceptional coach as well as a high quality individual" said he is still looking for a strength and conditioning coach.