The Washington Capitals yesterday rescheduled two home games later this month, including a controversial New York Ranger game that had previously been postponed.

The Capitals also welcomed back injured forwards Bob Sirois and Dave Forbes yesterday, then made room for them on the 19-man playing roster by shipping right wing Mark Lofthouse and defenseman Larry Bolonchuck to the minors.

Sirois, recovered from a sprained left hand, and Forbes, sound after resting a bruised shoulder, will play against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night.

The Capitals insured a rational welcome in Rangerland by manuevering the schedule so that New York would be more satisfied with the snow date for that postponed game of March 3. Washington now will play the Rangers March 24 instead of March 26, then play the scheduled March 24 contest with Detroit on March 26. This way, the only team faced with three games in three days is Washington, which also has a March 25 date in Montreal.

Rookie Lofthouse was shipped to Salt Lake City of the Central Hockey League. He had scored two goals in 18 games with Washington, after starting the season in Hershey and being recalled on three occasions. He had played infrequently during the most recent tour, which began Feb. 3.

Bolonchuck was sent to Hershey. He was called up from Hampton, also of the American League, on Nov. 18, after Rick Green injured his right hand, and player well enough to stick when Green was healthy.

Rosters must be frozen, emergencies excepted, by noon Tuesday. The Capitals have 20 players and will probably keep that number, sitting one out each night.

The Rangers' bitterness over playing three straight nights prompted General Manager Max McNab to seek an "equitable solution." He approached the Wings, who play in Pittsburgh March 5, and they agreed to the shift. Tickets marked New York Rangers, March 3, will be used March 24. Tickets marked Detroit, March 24 will be honored March 26. Promotional back packs will be distributed both nights.