Miami of Ohio Coach Darrell Hedric's most impressive move in yesterday's 84-81 upset of Marquette came late in the first half after sophomore guard Rick Goins fumbled the ball away on a three-on-one fast break.

Moments earlier, Ulice Payne did the same thing for Marquette and Warrior Coach Hank Raymonds jumped off the bench yelling at Payne in anger.

Hedric jumped off the bench at Goins' turnover and yelled at his player, too. But when Goins turned around, Hedric smiled, clapped his hands and yelled, "Nice try Rick, keep on playing hard."

All of the Redskins kept on playing hard and they eventually overcame a 13-point second-half deficit to beat back the defending national champions in overtime.

"I don't think very people thought we could win," said Hedric, whose team gained the tournament by winning the Mid-American Conference with an 12 -8 record. "We got down by 13 points and our kids could have quit, but they have been in that spot before and come back. I think this win does a lot for the Mid-American Conference."

It also does a lot for Miami, advancing it to Dayton and the Mideast semifinals against Kentucky.

The scouting report on Marquette was to play a zone and prevent the Warriors from going one-on-one.

Hedric mixed up his defenses well, playing both man-to-man and various zones.

"We wanted to change up on them," he said. "We just didn't want them to gear in on one defense and cut us up."

But when the Redskins made their run in the second half, they did it with a tough man-to-man defense.

"That's what got us here," Hedric said, "and that's what we play best."

Butch Lee got his points, but with jerome. Whitehead out of the game for throwing an elbow, Miami was able to screen Marquette off the boards and limit it to one shot late in the game.

Hedric made the right moves, countering practically every move counterpart Raymonds made. When Marquette went to a three-guard offense, Miami did, too.

Guard John Shoemaker shook off the effects of Whitehead's elbow to his face and directed the Redskin offense and defense in the overtime.

Shoemaker, who played minor league baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, will go to spring training when Miami's basketball season ends.

"What Marquette does so well is control the tempo," said Miami's Randy Ayers. "We took control away from them late. I knew we could win.

"How did we lose eight games this year?

"We lost them because we weren't ready to play mentally. We will be from now on."