Maryland horse breeders have not been affected yet by the restrictions imposed upon the industry during the current equine metritis epidemic in Kentucky where more than 40 breeding farms have been shut down.

Nick Carter, general manager of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, said precautions were begin taken to serviced by by stallions in that state disease to Maryland. "Our main concern." he said, "will come next season when the mares that were shipped from Maryland to Kentucky to be services by stallions in that state come back to Maryland. Equine metritis is highly contageous and can be spread by a veterinarian in contact with an infected horse by simply touching one that has been affected."

Carter was pleased with the addition of a laboratory in the University of Maryland campus by the Department of Agriculture to test samples. He said the traveling restrictions that have been lifted in several states on horses will probably be reimposed by the federal government. "The travel bans are to be lifted by April 15," he said, "but I look for the government to step in before then. The United States Department Of Agriculture will Prabably want to get a handle on the situation before okaying further lifting of travel restrictions.

The Pimlco racing strip, well known for favoring inside speed horses, is uniform this season. There is still a natural advantage to horses on the rail due to the sharp turns. But there is no edge to inside horses because of a compact track, as in the past.

Jockey Steve Paganda, new to the Maryland riding colony, was impressive in the few times he had a mount with some ability. Pagano came from New England where he rode a high percentage of winners