Strengths - The Wildcats are big strong and physical. They have enough quickness to play a good man-to-man denfese.They rebound well. They also have a good bench and they have shown enough poise to be patient on offense, working the ball inside to their big people.

Weaknesses - Though they are quicker than they looK, the wildcats are not quick enough as a team to press very well. Likewise, they often have trouble handling full-court presses themselves.

Best players - Rick Robey and Mike Phillips, both 6-foot-10, are the big men inside. Jack Givens is a forward capable of scoring from anywhere, James Lee is probably the best sixth man in college basketball. Guard Kyle Macy is the floor leader and nothing seems to unnerve him. DUKE

Strengths - Speed and quickness are the essence of the Blue Devils' game. They also led the nation in freethrow shooting and play a loose, unselfish style.

Weaknesses - They have little depth and as a result, fatigue and foul trouble are their biggest enemies. They are also almost exclusively a zone-defense team.

Best players - Arkansas' big three of Sidney Moncrief, Marvin Delph and Ron Brewer are tough, but Duke's big three of Mike Gminski, Eugene Banks and Jim Spanarkel may be better. Gminski is strong inside, Spanarkel is strong outside and Banks is strong all over.