West Virginia Athletic Director Leland Byrd apologized yesterday to Maryland Athletic Director Jim Kehoe for not asking his permission before disucssing a job interview with Lefty Diresell, Terrapin basketball coach.

WVU has filled the post with Gale Catlett from Cincinnati, but Byrd admitted he had flown to College Park last Saturday to discuss matters with Driesell. Kehoe became angry with Byrd when Driesell told Kehoe he had been contacted about the job.

"I called Mr. Kehoe this morning and apologized," sid Byrd. "It is general procedure to call the athletic director first, and I should not have called Lefty first.

"Our meeting was not really an interview. After a brief discussion it was apparent that Lefty had no interest in the job and we dropped it at that.

"We're very happy with Gale Catlett. We respect Lefty, but it seems he has a great situation at Maryland and he felt he was better off there."

Some reports have questioned Driesell's happiness at Maryland after his name had been linked to the Tennessee and WVU vacancies. Driesell has said for the last month that he is happy at Maryland, and is not seeking a job but would listen to whatever anyone would like to offer.

"I've always said a man will do anything for enough money," said Driesell. "Who knows? Maybe West Virginia would have offered me a couple of coal mines."