St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia will move quickly to hire a new basketball coach, its athletic director, Don DiJulia, said yesterday amid continued reports that American U. Coach Jim Lynam is the man likely to wind up with the job.

DiJulia, from his Philadelphia office, said that interviews could begin as early as Tuesday and that the school could name its new coach by as early as the next day.

Lynam, former St. Joe's guard and Big Five player of the year in 1963, said Tuesday he was interested in and would pursue the job at his alma mater. He also has finally roots in Philadelphia.

Lynam, coach at American for the past five years, voiced concern at that time that he did not want a drawn-out screening process because, obviously, this is recruiting season. DiJulia, Lynam's brother-in-law, alleviated those fears yesterday.

DiJulia, former assistant coach at GW and AU, said applicants meeting the school's unspecified criteria would be determined by Monday and that the school's nine-member Board on Athletic Policy could begin interviews on Tuesday.

We could have a coach as early as Wednesday," DiJulia said.

Lynam said yesterday he had spoken with DiJulia, but had not been told "when, or if" he would have an interview.

Lynam's most recent AU team had a 16-12 record, and he loses only two players off that squad. In addition, AU has three transfer students who become eligible next season and Lynam reportedly is having a banner recruiting year.

That is why he feels he cannot get into a drawn-out hiring process at St. Joseph's.