And the voice of authority was heard in the land: "Play ball!"

In Oakland. All Summer.

The voice being that of the Oakland Coliseum board, as stubborm as Charlie O. of either four-legged or Finley variety, drowning out American League President Lee MacPhail. Stopped off in Denver yesterday en route to the AL opener in Seattle, MacPhail told Mile-Highers to think positive, the A's might be moved this year, even if regular season is upon us. Sounding off in Oakland, the Coliseum directors declared, as it were, no way to get away - they will hold the A's to that sticky lease through 1978. At least.

Forget the hung-up negotiations with Denver's Marvin Davis, the San Francisco Giants, etc.; forget whatever Bowie Kuhn might be thinking (penny?); "It is no longer feasible for changes to be made," said the board.

Further voicewise, A's games won't be heard in much of the land. No more Monty Moore after 16 years as Finley's boardcaster, dating to the Kansas City A's - C.O. just Tuesday found a buyer for 1978 broadcast rights: a University student-operated station.

A better idea, maybe, surfaces in the Classe A Midwest League. More over, Billy Carter - the Appleton (Wis.) Foxes will have their brand of beer this season: "Base Brau." It's being produced exclusively for the Foxes by the Stevens Point Brewery about 60 miles west of Appleton. Says Dave Hersh, the team's general manager, "The success has just stunned me. Even before it was publicly announced March 7, we had sold more than 15,000 cans. Today, we're sold out. If we had 200,000 cans, I'm sure we could move them. We've heard from 30 states and three or four different countries . . . I didn't know there were that many beer-can collectors around." The red, white and blue can, with team logo, opens - it says here - at the bottom.

The Foxes are a Chicago White Sox farm. Is this anotehr of Bill Veeck's ideas - or will this one trickle upward?